Friday, November 20, 2009

LotR: The Shadow Lord -- A Possible Lesser Daemon Miniature

I entered this miniature in a local painting contest. He did well, but not enough to claim the prize!

The miniature is one of the newer LotR ring-wraiths: The Shadow Lord. Although it wouldn't be allowed in tournament play, I thought that the ring-wraiths would make absolutely splendid generic lesser daemons for a chaos space marine army that has no overall allegiance to the major chaos powers.

The painting was fairly straight forward: following a base coat of regal blue, the miniature was washed heavily (darker toward the lower portions of the cape) and highlighted subtly to lighter tones of blue higher up. A few parts of the cape are picked out in space wolf grey. The silver metallic parts are painted in boltgun metal, washed in black and highlighted in a very thin white line. The bronze colour metals were base coated in shining gold, inked with chestnut and highlighted in bleached bone. The more leather areas were done in bleached bone and washed darker using sepia. Finally, the sword followed a wet blend technique that I first piloted on a bloodletter who was wielding a frost brand.

The base (made from the citadel basing materials box) was painted in a desert colour scheme which does much to complement the colder feeling that the wraith exudes. Overall, I'm very fond of this miniature and pleased with the way he came out.


Anton said...

cracking work, never thought of using Lotr models how do they compare to the 40k range I was under the impression that they would be a tad smaller?

jabberjabber said...

The wraith's height is about the same as a flamer of Tzeentch or a plaguebearer of Nurgle - so no real issues hight-wise. On the whole, the LotR range is also more realistically proportioned than the "heroic" 40k scale.
Combine this with the ring-wraith being a somewhat amorphous mass of billowing robes with a sword: they fit in very nicely.

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