Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chaos Marine Halberdier

This is a fellow that I constructed just recently to explore how well the relatively new warhammer fantasy chaos warrior metal pole-arm weapons blend with chaos marine parts.

The answer is rather well...!

The glove size and the halberd itself are a good match to the chaos marine's scale. It takes a bit of work to chop up the plastic arms to a good length and the metal glove part (which would ordinarily plug in to a fantasy miniature). Once done, I pinned the two together and assembled the rest is the usual fashion (including a metal melta gun here!). My plan is to use this miniature as part of my plotted Night Lords Chosen squad at some point in the future. I intend to have each miniature (apart from the standard bearer which is already assembled) wield one of these nasty looking blades! The base needs some attention first, though, before I get around to painting him up.

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