Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Painted Hive Tile

Having assembled the hive city tile from Planetary Empires, it didn't take too long at all to get painted up to table-top ready quality. The aim with this tile was to make it blend in with other Mighty Empires tiles that I have already painted. Hence it needed to follow a broadly green-ish theme. This is not an ash waste-land or a desert region!After undercoating black, I painted the main hive city in boltgun metal and the outskirts of the city in a combination of goblin green blended to graveyard earth brown. The towers were inked black and the grassy regions inked brown. After drying, portions of the hive city's towers were picked out in silver once more, but not all of them -- I wanted to suggest that some of the structures were newer than other bits. The "windows" (if indeed, that is what the are!) were picked out in skull white and overpainted yellow. The pipelines at the base were done in red to contrast this.

Meanwhile, the grassy areas were drybrushed using a blend of dheneb stone (principally to thicken and lighten the other colours) with green and yellow. I'm pleased with the overall result here and will be using it with my other Mighty Empire tiles regularly.

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