Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poll Open for the November Army List Challenge

The entries are in and the poll is now open! Whose army list is the most effective that also best tackles the theme of the November Army List Challenge? Here are the entries:

1. Suneokun -- Insane Guard Option

Primaris Psyker - 70
Primaris Psyker - 70
Plt #1 HQ, 2melta, 2GL - 60
6 Squads with melta plus Commissar with 2 powerswords - 415
7 Chimeras - 385
Plt #2 HQ, 2melta, 2GL - 60
6 Squads with melta plus commissar with powersword- 405
7 Chimeras - 385

Total 1850 (6-14 killpoints depending on setup)

This armylist exploits a loophole. Above you state that a returning unit will snatch an objective on a 4+ if not contested or in combat. You didn't say you could only take one!

The 14 Chugs motor forward and cause havoc with all those S6 Multilaser and heavy flamers. The Infantry HQ (with a Psyker each) lay down some serious S6 hits (and melta too) from inside the Chugs. The guards squads are organised in anticipation of the opponent, with a core of two large commissared uber units.

One shields, the other joins up 3 plus objectives and then goes home. The commissar grants 'stubborn' so any close combat unit will be tarpitted.

The Chugs don't give away killpoints, but can drop off a squad to 'return' for far away units.
Against close combat opponents the Chugs plus guardsmen will simply attrition the opponent to death and focus on his troops.
NB: Reason for being there. Don't want to be, this is a last ditch evacuation strategy by the PDF ... who have been led to the markers/anomalies by their psykers.

2. Cawshis Clay -- Tau Rescue and Recovery Force (Hostile LZ lv3):

Crisis Shas'el TLMP, PR, Stims, HWTLock
-2 BG w/ TL MP, Flamer
x3 8 FWs w/ Shas, Devilfish w/ SMS, DP, MT, TA
x2 20 Kroot Warriors
8 Pathfinders w/ Devilfish w/ SMS, DP, MT, TA
SkyRay w/ SMS, DP, TA, MT
x2 Hammerheads w/ Rails, MT, DP, TL

The Tau recovery operation on this dying planet depends on 2 things: Devilfish units devoted to capturing or contesting objectives and massive blocks of Kroot to grab 1 or 2 objectives before going off world.

The Pathfinders and Heavy Support/HQ will work to destroy, disable and slow down any enemy APCs. Markerlight support will lead in railgun barrages to drive the enemy off key objectives.

As the Tau doctrine is to conserve (Tau) life, I imagine that the kroot will be expendable in the early turn infiltrating obj grab (since each unit has a 50% chance of porting and spreading out enough to grab objectives). They will take heavy fire and then my Armored Core will appear and fire back.

Least that's the plan.

3. Gamers World -- Space Wolves:

Rune priest with term armour, wolf tooth necklace and wolf tail talisman, chooser of the slain, master of runes, saga of the beast slayer- 205

10 grey hunters x3 with 2 flamers and drop pod- 555
10 grey hunters x3 with 2 melta guns and drop pod- 570

Heavy support.

6 long fangs, 5 missile launchers- 115

Yea, I come in way under points but th idea is still there. When placing the objectives I make sure to place some of them close together (seven inches or there abouts), then when i drop pod down I cover the objectives with my grey hunters and teleport back up, the rune priest and grey hunters provide cover and defence (with powers like tempests wrath and murderous hurricane) before hopefully leaping up into my strike cruiser. so basically I drop down pic up something then get back up there.

The aesthetic is that we have found a chapter relic and need to retrieve it before the planet goes BOOM! so we send down a pick-up froce accompanied by the man who found the chapter relic (the rune priest) and some guys that have been operating on the planet in covert for some time (long fangs). Anyway. i know my list is under points but comment away on it!

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jabberjabber said...

The votes are all tied at 33% each at the moment! A pretty tight race this one!

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