Monday, November 2, 2009

Planetary Empires: Hive Tile Sprue and Assembly

The hive city tile is a special order piece from Games Workshop online. The tile comes on a smallish size sprue that has a number of different components on it; ranging from the tile base itself to various layers and the towers of the hive, as illustrated below.
The assembly of the tile is straight forward, but I would caution readers to dry fit (i.e. fit the bits together to see where they go!) before any application of glue. Some of the spires of the hive are similar and it isn't immediately obvious which tower should be placed where. There's a danger that a smaller tower will be placed where a larger-based one is intended to go, meaning that when the larger tile needs to be glued in to place, there is nowhere appropriate left for it.

The hive itself is built in a wedding-cake style: one layer placed on top of another, and capped off by the hive's towering spires. Having glued it together (below), I feel that there might be some room to add a couple of bits of greenstuff to tidy up some of the flat wedding-cake portions that aren't covered by the upper tiers. I'm looking forward to painting this one!

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