Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daemonette with Large Claws, Painted in Blue

++ I like the way you move backward. Is it that you won't take your eyes off me, or the knowledge that you created me? We're very alike, you and I... ++
Reported heresy of a daemon; analysis from Iybraesil datavault raid by Inquisitor Thrax.
This model is a standard plastic daemonette, mounted on plasticard with an Hirst Arts cast of a marble visage lying in ruins at the daemonette's feet.

The undercoat was done in black, followed basecoating in ultramarine blue for the garments and brown for the skin regions. A combination of inks and washes were used to give the model depth, followed by drybrushing of the skin.

The claws were highlighted in steadily lighter shades of blue until almost pure skull white in some prominent parts. The vestments on the other hand weren't given too many highlights -- indeed, some of the edging of the corsetry is a tad too thick for my liking (but that's correctable).

However, I did manage to get several very small details done with a fine triple-zero brush; such as the bobble holding the daemonette's hair in a bunch at the top of the head. A fine addition to my growing flock (is flock the right word?) of fully painted daemonettes.


sovietspace said...

Great work as usual mate, that blue on the claws and carapace looks really ethereal and creepy - and thus awesome!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate :)

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