Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twin-Linked Blasts

This is an old discussion, but I wanted to see how other people out there resolved the issue and whether I'm in line with how other folks play.

The issue is: how do you re-roll twin-linked blast weapons?

The most common way of playing it that I've encountered (and indeed as we play it locally) is this:

1. Roll to hit as per normal with the scatter die.
2. If it misses, note down where the first one would have landed and then re-roll the scatter die and 2d6.
3. If both have missed, choose the lowest scatter value.

The reasoning is that twin-linked is supposed to improve your chances of hitting a target. I've heard some people play it as:

1. Roll to hit as normal.
2. If it misses, you may re-roll the scatter die, but must abide by the second roll even if it is worse than the first.

Anybody got a different opinion, or support either method strongly?


Ryan said...

Ive not had a chance to play with (or against) twin linked blast weapons, but Id probably go with option two (reroll miss and use the second result, even if worse)... I dont think Ive seen GW put much out saying "reroll and use the better of the two results". Having said that, I do prefer the first result! ;)

Itkovian said...

Definitely the second option, I'd say. As Ryan said, GW like that wording and it can be found in tons of rules, whereas the other, as far as I know, has never been used at all...

*Checks the rulebook*

p.30: Blast weapons and re-rolls: "If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls to hit and chooses to do so after firing a blast weapon, the player must re-roll both the dice and the scatter dice."

Then on p.2: Re-rolls (squared off in the bottom left-hand corner): "...pick up the dice you wish to re-roll and roll them again. The second score counts, even if it means a worse result than the first..."

So yeah, option 2...

jabberjabber said...

Hi Ryan & Itkovian -- thanks for doing the rules check! I'll be abiding by the second option and suggesting others do so from now on. Rules as Written. :)

eriochrome said...

As remember that the standard about no premeasuring should probably be applied. So roll scatter and 2d6. Look but do not measure to see if you like it. If you want to reroll scatter and 2d6 accepting this roll as final.

erfunk said...

It's similar to a twin-linked plasma guns: Say you roll a 2 to hit. You then reroll, but might get a 1.

And I agree with eriochrome about not premeasuring.

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