Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Collection of Potential Names for Thousand Sons Characters and Squads

Following on from the collection of names for the Death Guard Legion, I decided to try to assemble some names for the Thousand Sons.

In the absence of reading the upcoming Horus Heresy novel(s) about Prospero, I decided that many names for the Thousand Sons should have an Ancient Egyptian theme or feeling to them, and that their translation should reflect the legion. After scouring the internet (e.g., here's a modest list of what I came up with:

Adjo (treasure)
Adofo (fighter)
Akil (intelligent)
Ahrimose (son of Ahriman)
Amun (hidden one)
Amahté (to have power over)
Astennu (a god of the Moon)
Bomani (warrior)
Chenzira (journey-born)
Gahiji (hunter)
Kamenwati ("Dark rebel")
Kek (god of darkness)
Khaldun (immortal)
Khenti (leader)
Lukman (prophet)
Magnumes / Magnumose (son of Magnus?)
Menetnashté (power)
Mshai (traveller)
Nomti (strength)
Sefu (sword)
Runihura (destroyer)
Urshé (observer)
Wati (rebel)
Zuberi (strong)


suneokun said...

How about Ptolemy? I've named my son Ptolemy, he was famously Alexander the Great's most trusted general and formed the Ptolemaic Empire (Across Egypt, the Sinai and near East) after Alexanders Death. In translation it means 'warlike' - and my son is!

oni said...

I like a lot of those. Very fitting too.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Suneokun -- I guess being a scientist means that I automatically think of the Roman astronomer (as opposed to Alexander's general) whenever I see the name Ptolemy. A superb name either way though!

Hi Oni - thanks for the encouragement! :)

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