Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Painting Kharn

Kharn the Betrayer has been sat, mostly unloved, in my collection for a long time. I painted him up over the Winter break last year (in a rush, naturally) and have finally got around to writing about him today! Sorry that it has taken so long, Kharn.

Kharn has a number of interesting facets to him. Firstly, he's a Khorne Berzerker. That means that I was instantly thinking about reds, blacks and bronzes as the primary colours for his paint scheme. On top of that, he has a plasma pistol, some serious amount of clunky looking chains, an ugly looking skull collection, a naked left arm, and gorechild - the heavy looking chain-axe held high.

Whilst the reds and bronzes were painted in a similar style to my other Khorne Berzerkers, I started this model by drybrushing all those metallic looking parts with a good amount of silver on a black undercoat. This means that I can then wash my brush and not worry about metallic flecks of paint getting mixed in with my other colours (as can happen if I were to use the same pot of water to wash all my paints in!).

The next parts to get some work done were the skulls. They were drybrushed up in several stages from denheb stone, and upward to progressively more pure skull white tones. Only with them done, did the red armoured parts get started. After highlighting the edges of the red plates with bronze and highlighting the red with an orange colour, I started on the naked arm and the weaponry. The arm was painted in dwarf flesh and inked with a mixture of orange and chestnut and subsequently highlighted. The fingernails were possibly the last bit of the arm to get some attention. The handle of gorechild and the plasma coils of the pistol were then completed and I finished by touching up any overspills from other areas.

Whilst I don't think I'll be playing Kharn outside of friendly and fun games anytime soon, I like the finish of the model and he blends in with the other Khornate marines readily.


oni said...

He looks good... need to finish his base tho. ;)

jabberjabber said...

You're right of course :) - all too often I leave the bases as a distinct piece of work from the miniature painting...

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