Saturday, May 23, 2009

Planetary Empires Gets Closer

With all the recent publicity given over to Planetstrike (did anyone catch the direct order chaos bastion?!), it might be easy to overlook the other expansion that appears on the horizon and to be coming out soon: Planetary Empires.

Bell of Lost Souls has pictured a French Language advertisement for this expansion set. For one, I'm pretty enthused about this expansion. Being fully compatible with Mighty Empires, Planetary Empires basically allows a hexagonal campaign to be played out using warhammer 40,000.

Whilst the paint scheme used in the advert is a little bit gritty-bombed-imperial-planet orientated, I'm sure that other paint schemes will bring out different flavours of planets with ease. I'm thinking of a verdant planet with ancient ruins of a forgotten civilization that have been overgrown with wild xeno flora. Although, the bits look like they'd lend themselves to desert world (red like Mars, or sandy yellow), lava cracked planets (perhaps with some conversion work), ice-covered deathworlds and zero atmosphere moons that have been extensively cratered over billions of years. Plenty of possibilities await!


Andy said...

This is something i'm looking forward to as well, i was already talking about setting up a campaign with a few other gamers and making some interesting scenarios on the map and fighting out battles for control of the map.
I'm not sure if this is quite what planatery empires will deliver but i hope so.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Andy - I'm fairly certain that that is precisely what Planetary Empires will offer. I'm not sure what the optional rules will be though -- in Mighty Empires, there's various things like random events and gold income, so I'm wondering how they'll translate.

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