Monday, April 4, 2011

Painted Quantum Gothic Power Generator

The Quantum Gothic power generator that I assembled a few days ago is now painted. Most of the painting scheme depicted on their web site is of a rusted appearance, in keeping with their apparent theme of a war that is fought at an atomic level: accelerated aging (etc.).   However, for my kit, I wanted something a bit different and more in keeping with my other bits of scenery that exhibit several solidus colours (albeit in a wrecked state).  For the power generator I therefore chose a pair of colours to work with: blue and brass.  Ultramarine blue was basecoated over a black undercoat on the main cylinder of the power generator as well as both ends and the pipework.  This was inked with a dark blue colour and highlighted back up.  The black parts were drybrushed in boltgun metal and selectively hightlighted with codex grey.  Meanwhile, the brass looking parts started out with a shining gold base coat that was washed several times over with brown to created a worn look.  The final detailing included painting the pressure gauge (top picture) and highlighting the edges of the silver and other raised parts.  The vivid blue of the power generator will make it hard to miss on many playing tables -- and this is the point.  If I use it as an objective, I certainly don't want to overlook its existence!

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