Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daemonette of Khorne?

There are many players who use troops from multiple chaos powers within a mono-chaos-god daemons army.  I've seen red plaguebearers filled with Khornate bloodlust; and green bloodletters, bloated with Nurgle's favour.  Yet, I've not seen any Khornate daemonettes.  On reflection, the reason for this is probably straight-forward enough: bloodletters are better than daemonettes on most fronts in game terms.
Notwithstanding the game itself(!), I decided to try my hand at making a daemonette look a bit more Khorne-aligned with a spot of red and brass paint work.  The miniature pictured is a standard daemonette of Slaanesh (with a few bits and bobs added to the base).  I decided to follow my own approach to painting bloodletters to paint the daemonette.  A mechrite red base coat was applied to a black undercoat in one layer, followed by an inking of a red/black mixture.  Highlighting was then performed using both mechrite red and blazing orange.  This step is particularly noticible on the lips of the daemonette which seem to be accentuated using this paint scheme.  The corset and vestements are picked out in shining gold and final detailing (eyes, claws, hair) are also picked out appropriately. 

The overall feel of the miniature is edging toward Khorne, but yet the miniature retains a very strong Slaanesh feel to it regardless.  It's a strange mixture of colours that would not doubt make Slaanesh chortle ever so slightly. 


lil will said...

It came out really good. Im surprised at how well the red looks on the daemonette. Great Work!

jabberjabber said...

Got to agree with you lil will: I was also surprised about how red meshed with the daemonette sculpt -- I wouldn't have given it too much credit has I not attempted it myself.

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