Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shadow Sword: Part IX. Dark Washes

If you ever get the chance to see a tank close up, you'll notice that the paint work is invariably imperfect. The years of dust, rust and active serve add up pretty quickly. So even a relatively fresh tank off the assembly line has darker splotches of paint here and there.

For my traitor Shadow Sword, I have applied a number of dark washes to all surfaces of the tank. The washes were made up of watered down black for the most part, but I also added in some watered down reds and browns for a couple of the washes. The first wash layer was applied evenly all over the tank. The subsequent layers were applied either unevenly (to simulate a variety of wear), or selectively to different areas such that the lower down portions of the tank received more darkening than some of the upper layers that may have been exposed to rain for example.An immediate difference can be seen in the top shot, with the bleached bone areas really showing the darkening very well indeed. There will be little need to paint these further except for highlighting work. On the redder parts, the washes are less noticeable, but they are certainly there.
The side shot shows the uneven application of the washes to certain areas -- the tank colours are getting darker closer to the soil level. The slightly redder and browner wash can also be clearly seen against the silver of the tank's tracks. It gives the silver a certain rusted aspect suggestive of some wear and tear, but not significant enough to warrant replacement.

The next step in the painting process will be various highlighting layers.


Onyx Icarus said...

Very nicely done! A great alternative to the weathering powders i see people using.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate! I may yet use some weathering products as well...

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