Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poll Result: Which troops are easiest to get painted to a good standard?

Two weeks ago, Warpstone Flux asked which troops are the easiest to get painted to a good tabletop quality result.

The overwhelming winner were the necrons. This is entirely due to the whole drybrush and be done approach that many noted in the comments. I was impressed to hear that a whole army could be painted up in just one day. My own Verdus Prime necrons don't follow the drybrushing approach as can be seen in the picture (and tutorial) -- lots of careful white painting followed by some choice application of oozing oil and green gauss barrels.

Also strongly showing are the space marines. They're an interesting second place given the highlighting that often goes in to their raised portions of armour. Gaunts took home third place, probably due to being able to dip. The other standard troops all got votes as well, with Orks coming in a close 4th place behind the gaunts.

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oni said...

Truth is, just about any army can be painted up to an acceptable table-top standard quickly and easily. The 'standard' is just dependent on the painter and Necrons tend to be a little easier than the rest because detail can be ignored and the model still look good.

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