Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painted Ezekiel the Fallen

This character started out as an exploration of what Ezekiel might look like as a "Fallen" Dark Angel. With a chaos space marine back back sporting an ork trophy, the miniature gave my a vibe of Tzeentch Sorcerer from the outset.

Hence my painting of this miniature followed that idea. I wanted this guy to look like he would be perfectly at home leading a squad of Rubric Marines. So, I went for the blues of a librarian on the power armour, whilst aiming for lighter browns and creams on the robe portions.

The power armour is nothing special -- I'm sure that any Ultramarine fan could replicate what I've done here. Some highlighting with a none too steady hand has been done in space wolf grey, and the recesses of the armour have been washed and inked in darker colours. This is especially notable around the shoulder pad where it looks almost like a black outline. On the shoulder pad, I've opted to paint a letter "M" with a Roman-esque upper and lower horizontal line surrounding it. Old timers will recognize this "M" as one of the more original symbols for the Thousand Sons.

For me though, the robes are where the painting makes the miniature "pop". With a number of washes of sepia over the top of a foundation coat of dehneb stone, the robes produce an almost lifelike result with the recesses appropriately lit (especially on the rear of the model). On top of the washes, steady lightening back to the stone colour has been made, alongside some more extreme highlighting, such as around the bolt pistol holster (rear) and chains (front).

The force sword gave me some pause for thought. Green was not going to be my original colour choice for it, as I figured "blue and green shouldn't be seen". But this is chaos, right? Why shouldn't Ezekiel the fallen have a gourdy coloured force weapon that clashes horribly with his blue power armour? Hence the sword got a good lick of goblin green, followed by a green inking and steady lightening around the lightning bolt rune.

Final detailing included the oath papers (red and pink colours), the face (metallic on the breathing piece and dark, subdued tones around the face to suggest a sunken, shaded visage) and the ork head trophy.


Anonymous said...

Hey he could fit right in with my robed Thousand Sons!

If you don't mind a couple suggestions, the power sword could use some brighter colors (such as a neon green / white around the edge) and some of the lower details are still basically robe colored.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the feedback -- I agree with your points :)

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