Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grey Knight Rumours and the return of Instability Checks?

In case you haven't seen the latest round of rumours circulating about the Grey Knights, head on over to BoLS where they will bring you up to speed.

There are a couple of interesting quotes that are relevant to both daemon and chaos space marine armies.
Firstly is the concept of daemonic instability looks like it might be about to make a return. Even back in the days of Realms of Chaos, daemonic instability was there: it is only recently that this rule seems to have been removed from the w40k system. In brief, daemons suffer from instability as they are not of real space, their forms being created and held together by the will of the daemon involved for a time (of course, they don't suffer such instability on daemon planets or locales near the eye of terror). In the old system, opponents could cause daemons to take an instability test (read: leadership test) if they whittled down their numbers significantly during a shooting phase, or combat phase. The amount the daemons player failed this test by would then be the number of daemons that returned to the warp in shock! Now whether this mechanic will be the same or not remains to be seen. But its looking like daemons are going to suffer if they're paired up against grey knights in a game!

And then there is something called "daemonic infestation" which makes the daemons more resilient to such instability checks. I've no idea how that would work or what it generally is referring to. Could be exciting!

The other nugget contained in there is that chaos icons (whether daemons or chaos space marines) somehow interfere with the grey knights deep striking. Sounds interesting and could be a boon for countering some of their tactics against both daemons and chaos space marines.

Finally, there's also talk of specific terrain suited to the grey knights. The could be very entertaining!

As a daemons and chaos marines player, I am worried about the power level of the grey knights. I hope they (the designers and play-testers) include checks and balances so that players such as myself don't get turned off. But I can also see myself purchasing a few squads of grey knights myself as I've always liked their background since the Realms of Chaos era.


phoenix83 said...

If they bring back daemonic instability, that had better waive the wounds caused by being fearless. Losing models to two tests a turn would be plain unfair. Especially given how many points daemon units cost.

jabberjabber said...

I'm with you on those points phoenix83: the double-whammy would be severe.

Scott said...

I really write this off as a misunderstanding. I pressed someone at Warseer (stickmonkey, i think) and he didn't even know that demonic instabilty didn't exist anymore.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Scott -- thanks very much for your comment! Very good to hear that it could be a misunderstanding.

Anton said...

well its no doubt that the grey knights will be dirty against deamons, after all thats what they are for, but that'll make it all the sweeter when you roll over them.... soul grinders might be called for as they won't have that many heavy weapons (in theory!)

jabberjabber said...

The soul grinder angle could well be a good way to go ... but we'd have to run three of them due to all that melta firepower out there.

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