Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blue Horror of Tzeentch

When a pink horror perishes, two blue horrors rise to take its place. Although I've dabbled in hosting two blue horrors on one base to represent this turn of events, the new plastic horrors are slightly on the larger side to be able to get away with this as readily. Not to be perturbed, I had a go at painting a singular blue horror regardless.

This chap follows the paint scheme that I laid down in my earlier post and features blue inking, highlighting and asurman blue washing. Although the red tongue provides a neat contrast colour for the miniature, I think I'm most happy with how the accessories turned out on this one as I have had issues with trying to get them looking authentic (rather than a plastic bangle bought at some cheap jewelery store!). A little choas black lowlighting seems to work wonders for such decorations.

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