Friday, October 1, 2010

Poll: Which standard troop gets the best result when painted?

A question for you: Which standard troops choice (from any codex) is the easiest to get a quality / tabletop paint job finish on? That is to say: which is the easiest to get to look good?

Poll is open to the right for 2 weeks to vote. Comments most welcome!

The real reason that I ask is that I've seen in Golden Demon over the past few years a shift to LotR miniatures -- presumably because there are fewer entrants for LotR categories. But if we were sticking to 40k, then which basic miniature would you go for?

Space Marine
Chaos Space Marine
Ork Boy
Eldar Guardian
Tau Firewarrior
Necron Warrior
Cadian Guardsman
Tyranid Gaunt
Dark Eldar Warrior
Other (e.g. specific daemon troops?; Dire avengers?; Plague marines?; etc.)


oni said...

Necrons of course, there's nothing to 'em.

DaveHowitzer said...

Ulthwe Eldar: Bit of bone and a bit of highlighting and you're done. I'm no great painter but I get ok results on my guardians. Pics are somewhere on CSNS.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

Vote still goes to Necrons... Even Eldar Guardians have decoration on their bodies, catapults and such.
Necrons are all robot, no decoration, a gun that could be painted the same and eyes optional...

Chris said...

Got to be the Necrons.

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

I've seen 2,000 pts. of Necrons painted and based on one day and they all looked fine. Assembly is their hardest part for sure, but after that it's simply Prime Black, drybrush, drybrush, drybrush, highlight>?

jabberjabber said...

Lots of votes for necrons then! :)

Dave H -- I didn't even think about Ulthwe - but I can see your point.

No one going for gaunts by "dipping"?

Flekkzo said...

I took the question as:"what's the easiest one to get good golden deamons results"? That's why I went with the new Dark Eldar. Dynamic and difficult minis that are sure to look real stunning done right.

Easy to paint rank and file really depends on colors and how well you can apply a dip/wash to that color. Easier with blue, harder with yellow (and so on for your favorite difficult color). Necrons do seem easy, if not a tad boring that way though.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

Gaunts can be dipped, but because they have flesh and chitin, it'll look like a rush job. Models that actually have extra detail built into them need it painted to look half decent on the battlefield.

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