Friday, August 20, 2010

Ezekiel the Fallen

I've like the model for Ezekiel for a while. As well as being a Dark Angels fan, I reckon I could use the miniature in some of my chaos space marine armies -- mainly as a chaos sorcerer, but perhaps as a Tzeentch Thousand Sons Champion.

The beauty of using Dark Angels miniatures in a chaos space marine army is that one need not entirely scrub them of all their imperial iconography. Rather, they can be played as "Fallen".

This model has had a chaos space marine back pack glued on to his back and an old white plastic WFB orc skull attached through a spike driven in to an eye socket. Even with the Dark Angels icon on the Book of Salvation, I reckon that this miniature will do well once indoctrinated in to wearing Tzeentch's colours!

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