Thursday, August 26, 2010

GW Sydney -- Now Stocking FW Books

Business took me to Sydney this week. In some spare time, I decided to track down the city-centre Games Workshop store, as I hadn't been there in years.

The Sydney GW is located on Clarence Street in the heart of the shopping precinct of the city. It's a short walk from many major train, bus (and even the monorail) lines so it gets a tick from me for accessibility (I'm not sure you'd want to drive in down town Sydney unless you had a good inside knowledge of the one way streets!).

From the outside, the GW store has a classy looking facade. After going down a small flight of stairs, the inside strikes you as large. Larger than the Melbourne and Brisbane stores, for sure. This is largely due to the play area / bunker bit at the rear of the store. The layout was also spacious -- I didn't need to squeeze past folks to get a look at the miniatures (etc.). The staff were very friendly and helpful (big tick marks from me!) and chatted to me about daemons, what I was collecting and painting at the moment and so forth (which I've come to expect from the staff).

Cliff, one of the store guys, pointed out to me that the store was undergoing an experiment: they're now selling a limited range for Forge World merchandise. By that, I mean the game books (e.g. Imperial Armour) -- i.e. NOT the resin models. They're neatly stowed next to the Black Library merchandise alongside the Liber Chaotica. I think this is a good move, and one that I hope will take off.

About the only negative thing I can say (and it is a minor one) is that I'm not taken with the interior decorating. Black and dark colours are very foreboding in general. To get a better family friendliness rating from me, I think they need brighter colours!


eriochrome said...

Since GW does you such a disservice with their pounds to AU dollars conversions how are they pricing the FW books.

Gotthammer said...

I heard from Troy at Castle Hill a while back they were looking at all stores carrying them as a permanent range.
Interesting to see if it starts spreading around, might make people less leary of using the rules/minis in games.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Eriochrome -- yes the UKP:AUD exchange rate at the moment means that ordering directly from the UK to Australia is cheap, even with postage.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Gotthammer -- Expanding them to all stores would be a significant development and probably result in more uptake of the rules.

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