Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poll Result: Where Your Battles Take Place

Two weeks ago, Warpstone Flux asked the question "Where do your battles take place?"

The results are as follows, within the categories supplied:

Urban Context 48%
Rural Context 41%
Jungle Context 10%
Deserted Context 28%
Cityscape 33%
Ruins 38%
Icy planet 5%
Magma planet 0%
Forge world 10%
Death world 0%
Hive world 20%
Shrine world 7%
Agri-world 17%
Maiden world 5%
Crone world 0%
Tomb world 2%
Marine Chapter world 2%
Dead planet 23%
Daemon world 7%
Feral planet 17%
Civilized planet 20%
A Moon 17%
Ork planet 5%
Tyranid planet 2%
Craft world 0%
Tau planet 5%
Other 7%

Trying to get some general themes from this: it seems that most battlefields come under themes of urban / city / ruins. This is probably not too much of a surprise.

Strong secondary suites appear as deserts, verdant planets and feudal (or dare I suggest it) Warhammer Fantasy worlds(!)

What is striking though, is the sheer variety and unusual combinations that are out there! It has started to inspire me to think about different terrain board than I might construct in the future.

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