Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bothered About Nurglings

Nurglings are small caricatures of Nurgle personified. They are grown inside the putrid bodies of Great Unclean Ones before popping out in to the world and behaving like naughty, mischievous and down-right evil primary school children. If they're not eaten as a light snack by their sires, they can potentially grow in to jovial Great Unclean Ones themselves.

But in my mixed daemon armies, I often struggle to find an appropriate place for them to happily exist (not usually a problem in mono-Nurgle lists!). I think the main problem is that I would sooner invest the points in bigger, or more, units of plaguebearers as troops. Nurglings tend to have a tar-pit role in the battles that I've fought with them. In large numbers, they can bog down even the hardiest and most deadly of troops (such as loyalist assault terminators) for a few key turns. So the task that I'm going to set myself in my next few games is to try to make optimal use of units of nurglings in non-mono-Nurgle armies. Just for fun and experimentation...! If you regularly use nurglings in your mixed armies, let me know how you play them, and in what quantities (lots of small units, or just one or two very larges units?).


suneokun said...

Maybe some of the tactics for Rippers transpose to Nurglings... remember that they have 'vulnerable to templates' and stealth - which means they can usually avoid any incoming small arms fire. Rippers also have a wicked amount of attacks and wounds per base - which is nice.

Their key 'tactic' is that they are 'less' of a threat than plaguebearers. The biggest problem for a mono-nurgle list is speed ... you have none.

I have heard rumours of some wicked buff tricks done with Epidemius and nurglings...

jabberjabber said...

I just double checked something: nurglings do not have the slow and purposeful special rule like every other Nurgle daemon ... which at least means they can keep up with other troops.

I agree with you about being less of a threat than plaguebearers -- spot on. And Epidemius-enhanced nurglings are very nasty unit to behold to say the least :)

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