Monday, August 23, 2010

Mighty Empires: Varied Woodland

Adding to my growing map for planetary and mighty empires is another woodland tile. This particular one I thought of as a challenge to try to get a number of different types of terrain on to a single tile.
Alongside the more usual bright, grassy greens, I've placed some areas of deep, foreboding dark woodland green. Some of these darker woodland green parts have been drybrushed lighter tones to suggest a a dual canopy -- perhaps vines are climbing these trees or the sunlight is simply catching them? There's also a brown area that I tried to seamlessly blend in to the other green areas. This is supposed to denote muddied land where grass is not covering the surface. Finally, with a steady hand, the road was painted on in a dark brown plus black blend.


Papa JJ said...

I'm really impressed by how much variety you were able to get on there while still keeping it all looking coherent, with all the different areas transitioning so well into each other. I think it looks more realistic and natural than most of the other tiles I've seen... great work!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Papa JJ -- Most tiles I see seem to be mono-terrain (if that's a word), so I'm trying to go for more variation in my future tiles.

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