Thursday, July 15, 2010

Planetary and Mighty Empires Map Progress

The map slowly grows! I have a few more tiles painted than what is displayed here, but I simply wanted to give an indication of where I'm up to in my Planetary and Mighty Empires Map painting whilst simultaneously showing how well the two types of tile seamlessly blend in to one another with the right, cohesive painting scheme.

I am tempted to explore a few different colours on some future tiles. I'm figuring the reverse of the river tiles could at least be painted in desert (sandy yellow, or Martian red) colours ... or maybe even a grey / black barren colour would be worth exploring for a few tiles. I might paint a few "transition" tiles and see how they look.


Anton said...

looking good fella, one of the lads from work wants to do a campaign with the mighty empires stuff so I might have a gander at the set,

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Anton!

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