Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Roll Rationalization

Warpstone Flux's blogroll contains links to many blogs that I've been interested in reading over the years. However, a high fraction of blogs disappear, don't get updated for 5 months or longer, or simply fall by the way-side for one reason or another.

Therefore today, I've done a little bit of pruning to the blog roll by removing links to blogs that appear to be defunct.
There's two point I'd like to make:

If I have accidentally removed your blog and you'd like it to appear in Warpstone Flux's blogroll once more, just comment below and I'll rectify it.

Similarly, if I have never linked to your blog, and you would like me to, then just leave a message below and I'll do so (a reciprocating link would be appreciated on your own blogroll)! Although Warpstone Flux is primarily a 40k blog (with a self-admitted chaos focus), I'm more than happy to link to WFB, LotR (etc.) blogs if those games are the prime focus of your own blog.


Jason said...

I have a fairly new blog, if you're interested:

jabberjabber said...

Hi Jason -- Done! Nice blog - I'm looking forward to hearing more about your Emperor's Spears marines.

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