Monday, July 12, 2010

Plague Marine Squad Number One

Although I've long had my plague marines painted up, I realize that I've not posted a group portrait of them. Today's post rectifies that over-sight and more whole troop squad pictures will follow at a later date.
This squad features a plague champion with power fist, a flamer, a melta gun and an icon. This set-up is one of my favourites as it gives me flexibility, and when combined with other units kitted out in a similar fashion and a rhino thrown in: multiple redundancy and good movement.

Many of the squad members feature unique conversions that include pieces from the zombie range, various green stuff works, mutations, florist wire, dark angel veteran pieces, old metal plague marine miniature parts, old and new chaos space marine bits, chaos tank upgrade bits and a paint scheme to match their rusted and gribbly appearance.


Jason said...

Those are some juicy plague marines. Makes my stomach churn just to look at them.


b.smoove said...

Brilliant stuff. I love these conversions, and doubly so because there are exactly seven of them. As Jason said, the painting is perfectly squishy and grotesque. Fantastic.

You've integrated the zombie pieces seamlessly.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Jason - thanks for the feedback! I see they've had the desired effect upon you :)

jabberjabber said...

Hi b.smoove -- thanks mate! I worked hard on getting some of those zombie pieces in to the correct places and looking right. One of the main problems is that the zombie and chaos space marine parts are differently proportioned. The icon holder in particular was tough to get looking right.

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