Saturday, July 24, 2010

Imperial Ruins Project - VI. Entrance

Continuing my mini-series on CNC's Imperial Ruins scenery, this is the Entrance fully assembled, but not glued or painted just yet.

Notice the extreme left and right hand sides of the building: they tessellate with each other and can connect up to the other pieces in the series in a modular fashion.
The size of the entry is large: a dreadnought can easily stand guard in the middle of the main gate way. The finished painting will be shown in a future posting.


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Beautiful work, man. Any hope for a tutorial? ;)

jabberjabber said...

The CNC buildings come with all the instructions required to build it enclosed in the pack. It is just a case of chopping the MDF bits our of their sprues, sand-papering them down, and then assembling them like a 3D jigsaw!

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