Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mk III kit from Forge World

Well, it's old news now I suspect, but Forge World has released pictures from their upcoming range of Mk. III "iron" power armour. These look very cool to me. Not only are they appropriate for both loyalist and traitor marines, but there is a supporting range of weapons available as well. The weapons (bolters, pictured left (copyright: Forge World), and special weapons) look as if they are straight out of the original plastic RTB-1 space marine boxed set of 20+ years ago.

The Umbra pattern bolters are able to have close combat accessories (bayonets) attached to the front of the bolters. As pictures, this can take the form of a traditional knife extension, or a chain-axe like extension. Both are great looking for space marines and have the advantage of counting as the close combat weapon for melee (i.e. no more glueing combat knife accessories to the waists of space marines). Thanks Forge World!


RuntMcRory said...

I like the look of this kit though I wouldnt actually build a squad of these guys. The bits would be spread out amongst a few squads. Make them look like real marines with armour bits from many previous users.

jabberjabber said...

Agreed - a number of these bits scattered throughout a squad or two is a very realistic way of representing marines and would look very cool.

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