Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bloodletter Possessed Chaos Marine

This dynamic miniature is a triple purpose miniature! The three roles that I have in mind for it are:

(a) Possessed Chaos Space Marine;
(b) Skull Champion (possibly armed with a power weapon?);
(c) Khorne Lord.

The miniature is mostly parts from a possessed chaos space marine. The right arm, however, is made from the old mutations sprue and features the spiked fist. On the top of the fist, I've attached a bolt pistol that I had sitting in my bits box. The left shoulder pad is the Khorne icon shoulder pad from the chaos marine set. The base is a resin one from back2basix and I have drilled and pinned the miniature to the base. The base should still be easy to paint given the pose of the miniature (I sometimes paint a resin base prior to pinning a miniature to it).

My original thinking for this chap was that this was a bloodletter possessed marine. This largely grew out of a consideration of the head which I think looks very much like a bloodletter's face -- the horns for me are very reminiscent of bloodletters. From therein it dawned on me that this guy could readily double up as a skull champion and it went from there. I'm looking forward to painting this one!


Papa JJ said...

That's a great idea to get more uses out of one miniature. He looks awesome and using the mutant army to hold that bolt pistol is an excellent addition. Very cool!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Papa JJ! -- I'm particularly pleased with the old mutations arm and bolt pistol as I wasn't certain they'd work out at first.

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