Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Plague Marine Squad Number Three (and Variant)

My third plague marine squad varies in its content depending upon the opponent and the mission (if either are known in advance). The first is a standard load-out of a flamer, a melta gun, a plague champion with power fist, and an icon.The second load out swaps the special weapons for a pair of plasma guns. Although dangerous, they can be worth their weight in gold if I can settle these guys in some cover during a game. The plague champion here has a combi-plasma and a melta bomb at the ready incase a dreadnought gets too close. These guys are ideal for taking out squads of bikers and taming some terminators before they charge in to close combat. But they often need support if they're not to become a simple road bump.


Papa JJ said...

Both versions of the squad look very good, my favorite though is the plague champion with the power fist. I really like the way that giant fly head looks on him.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate! I'm fond of the fly-headed one as well -- he's a pretty mean and reliable fella in battles.

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