Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Plastic Chaos Daemons - Opinions

It is no longer news that the chaos daemons are finally seeing the second wave of miniatures released. I'm personally excited by their release as I have been waiting for them (sometimes impatiently!) for a long while now.

Firstly, the pink horrors. I know some people don't like them, but I actually like the look of them. The icon holder in particular looks like it is holding on to an impressive Tzeentch icon, all bursting with eldritch fire! I like the arms and what appears to be their inter-changeability. But what I am going to miss is the blue-in-pink variety of horrors that we've been used to having. The long tongues of the horrors are also reminiscent of the bloodletters extended tongues -- an interesting development that I'm not sure I'm totally sold on, but we'll see.

The daemon prince -- we've seen pictures of this guy for so long now that I was wondering if he'd ever show up. I like the miniatures that have been painted up on Games Workshop's web site. I'm not totally sold on the arms and I can see myself modifying them (perhaps dual-weapon-weilding?). On the plus side, it is plastic. Horrah!

The seekers are all kinds of sweet goodness and I can see myself fielding a unit of these miniatures regularly. I simply can't wait to get them. Oh, and they're plastic!!!

Still no sign of the bloodcrusher in plastic, or fateweaver though. I'm a bit sad about the former. Perhaps it'll be placed on the advanced orders section soon?


Anton said...

I've seen a picture of the sprues of the bloodcrushers kicking around somewhere, I think it was BoLs forum's but carn't find it now for the life of me! but the new deamon models are tiptop! just a shame they didn't do the plaguebearers.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Anton -- Hogs of War has the bloodcrusher images posted at:
they also link back to figs-freak and BoLS lounge from where the images came. Enjoy!

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