Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Daemon Miniatures

Look what happens whilst I sleep. New daemon models have been spotted on Games Workshop's web site.

Others have already alerted the blogosphere to their existence (Warpstone Pile, Astronomican, Dark Future Games), so I briefly wanted to share my opinion on what I thought about them.

Firstly, Fateweaver looks reasonably similar to the artistic depiction found in the codex. Except for the staff, it also looks similar to what can be achieved with the Lord of Change boxed set (the one that comes with two heads). I've seen a couple of Fateweaver conversions using the Lord of Change and they do look similar. The pose of Fateweaver is, of course, different, comprising the arms and wings in different stages of animation. Whilst I like the model, it may not be the first of the second wave on my purchase list.

The new bloodcrusher was a nice surprise to see. Both the bloodletter and the juggernaut are new. The bloodletter looks like it is a herald judging by the superior horns it possesses. The juggernaut has runes carved in to its hide (rather than raised up) compared to the previous model. Moreover, it also has a new maw which looks vicious to be frank. This is the fourth juggernaut model (the other three being: standard bloodcrusher, Khorne herald, fantasy chaos lord) to be released and gives a strong variety available to the Khorne elites poses.

I suspect that some folks won't like the new pink horrors. I personally like the look of them. And more importantly to me, they look more solid and less likely to snap than the old ones. But, we've only seen two of them. I'm looking forward to seeing what the standard bearer, musician and champion model will look like. I am also hoping that we see some blue-in-pink horrors. I also worry whether they'll blend in well with the older models.

The Changeling is awesome looking. He has a feeling of a flamer of Tzeentch from the sweep of his robes and the pose of the arms looks very cool. Indeed one of the arms looks like a flamer's maw with fire coming out of it. I'm not so taken by the staff, but it does fit.

Sign me up for several boxes of Slaaneshi seekers. These are the miniatures that I've been waiting for for a long time. Although I liked the old metal models very much, these ones (providing they're plastic) will make it easy for us daemon players to field decent numbers of them. They look like the plastic daemonettes have been used as the riders, but the sculpts of the legs are clearly new and the heads are new as well. The torsos look broadly like the daemonettes, as do the arms (there's a few extra nodules on the shoulder and the icon bearer's left arm looks unique for instance compared to the infantry daemonette). The steeds themselves look lithe and very Slaanesh to me.

Finally, the daemon prince looks great. A big improvement on the old images that have bounded around the internet. Moreover, they seem to have seamlessly blended these old images with the metal daemon prince that looks like an ex-chaos marine in to an improved model. Good job methinks.


Magilla Gurilla said...

I agree that the Seekers are pretty slick looking.
Even though I tend to favor Nurgle and Khorne, I would be inclined to have a Khorne and Slaanesh Daemon Army just to add those models to the fold.

jabberjabber said...

Its hard not to want to include seekers given their point costs -- only a few more than regular daemonettes, and we get faster movement and more attacks! There's very little not to like :)

Anton said...

they look spot on!

really nice, are the juggers going over to plastic though? cause it looks differant to the current range?

jabberjabber said...

My guess is that the juggernauts will be metal (along with Fateweaver and The Changeling). But that's only a guess.

Ben Curry said...

The article on the GW site has been taken down but you can see the pics at

Plastic seekers, horrors, prince and Jugger. Metal Changeling, not sure on fateweaver. Metal i would imagine

jabberjabber said...

Hi Ben - thanks for the URL.
...a plastic jugger would be awesome!

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