Monday, May 3, 2010

Chaos Hound Pack

I do not get to field chaos hounds much - I don't play much WFB these days and the rules for chaos hounds from the old codex: chaos space marines are no more.

None the less, chaos hounds are a great miniature and I have had a number of them hanging around for a bit. I decided to glue a number of them together to get a better feeling for them.Pictured above are three hounds on rectangular (and decorated) bases. Overall, they were very easy to put together as they only consist of a small number of pieces each. The horns are the fiddliest bits to get in, but not so bad if you have a steady hand (and smaller thumbs than me!; or a pair of tweezers).

I do like the poses of the models - some are in a leaping positions, whilst others have most feet on the ground and are bearing their teeth at whatever might be in front of them - very ferocious looking off the lead.

The one obvious way that I might get them in to my games is to use them as generic lesser daemons that are summoned off chaos space marine icons. They are sufficiently chaotic to represent such daemons, without looking like they're dedicated to any particular chaos deity (apart from the diseased looking one perhaps!).

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