Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sons of Malice Hunter

The Sons of Malice horde grows! A while ago, I explored a few conversions to try to get some more dynamism in to otherwise semi-static looking chaos space marines. One of the results was the "hunter" model - a marine with a long hunting spear taken from the warhammer fantasy battle zombie boxed set (and a bionic thigh).

The marine has been painted in the colours of the sons of malice. There are two hard parts about this: firstly remembering which quarter should be black and which should be white; and secondly, actually painting in black and white - both of which are non-trivial colours to work with. My previous sons of malice test model helped me think through the complexities of these colours somewhat and I've tried to replicate the process here.

To solve the first issue, I always start a Sons of Malice model on the left leg. I know that has to be white in colour. The problem with painting black and white basically boils down to how to shade and highlight the colours. Grey is your friend with black, and white can also be toned down a few shades with (yet again) grey (although a pale, pastel blue may also work).
The silver trim on the model has been highlighted with white (using a steady hand and a 000 paint brush) and the eyes of the marine painted in a menacing red colour. The final steps included adding some brown dirt and grime on to the lower legs of the model to suggest recent action.

You'll notice that I've also used some boltgun silver to drybrush around the metallic joints of the marine and complete his weaponry. Overall, I'm pleased with the model and will be painting up more sons of Malice as time permits.


John Lambshead said...

Very nice. I like the idea of 'modern' heretic space marines.

Schnitzel said...


jabberjabber said...

Thanks folks! :)

b.smoove said...

Indeed. You are very brave to work entirely in white and black like that. Those are two deceptively difficult colors. This guy looks sharp.

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