Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Painted Chaos Hound

Following on from assembling the chaos hound pack yesterday, today is a picture of a completed chaos hound, fully painted.

For this beast, I decided to undercoat in white, so as to bring out a lighter tone for the skin when all was said and done. The fur was basecoated in brown, whereas the flesh was done in dheneb stone (one of my favourite base coats to use due to its neutral colour and thick, one-coat only application). The fur was inked in watered-down chaos black to give it depth, before being lightened to bring out highlights.

The skin was painted in a watered-down orange colour, before being washed with brown; and near the rib cage - with black. It was then highlighted steadily toward a pale yellow colour, suggestive of a lion (or tiger without stripes!). Final details included painting a white eye dot with a steady hand and painting the teeth, horns, spikes (at the side of the mane) and claws. The base was also given a treatment of brown basecoat, inked in black and dry-brushed in pale white to suggest rough and broken ground. Not bad for a quick paint job.

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