Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nurgle Daemons Kill Team

Whose idea was it to do themed daemon kill team lists? Oh yeah, I brought this on myself.

Right: Nurgle today. Let's not beat about the bush: they can choose between plaguebearers, beasts of Nurgle, and nurglings. They are not going to be able to do much tank hunting frankly. And even if they catch up to a tank (such as a rhino), they're going to have to be lucky to destroy it. Let's hope the other army is all infantry. And rolls badly for difficult terrain. Often.

Here's some lists.
13 Plaguebearers with an instrument (200 points)

5 nurgling bases, 9 plaguebearers (200 points)

3 Beasts of Nurgle, 6 plaguebearers with instrument (200 points)

Urrrrgh. Terrible! Perhaps list one (on the basis of lots of toughness 5 models) would be good, or list 2 (due to all the wounds). Take your pick! As for universal special rules? Meh. Nurgle doesn't need them (haha!).

Well this is the fourth and last in this series. Hope you enjoyed them all.


Emeryt said...

according to KillTeam rules: "all models act as separate units" what's the idea behind Instrument?

Anton said...

I've never played kill team missions before, but your lists are nice with the pure god approach.

might have to have a look at the rules and give it ago,

jabberjabber said...

Hi Emeryt: With only 5 points left over, there's little else to spend them on, so I figured I might as well have one model with an instrument. I have found that paguebearers tend to be able to make good use of them, more so than the other daemons troops choices.

Hi Anton: Glad you enjoyed the series.

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