Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tzeentch Daemons Kill Team

Since I'm too polite to enter my own Army List contest, I thought I'd post a series of four articles on what I might think about for a daemons kill team: one for each main chaos deity. Today, I'll start with what I consider the easy one: Tzeentch.

There are only a few options here. For 200 points, we get to choose between flamers, pink horrors, and screamers of Tzeentch.

Firstly, flamers are expensive and only have 1 wound. They do wonders in larger point value games, but tend to be a bit of a glass hammer in lower points games (i.e. if they survive long enough to do their job well, then they will get destroyed soon after no doubt). However, the real problem is that we have to purchase a minimum of three of them (at 105 points). That, coupled with the large points value for the bolt of Tzeentch upgrade that might be needed for long range anti-tank duties turns me off using them in a 200 point game. Then again, I do like the idea of lots of breath of chaos attack and them zipping around the board at high speed, so I'm not totally against using them...

The pink horrors of Tzeentch are where it is at for me. They're fabulous in a low points value game simply due to their rate of fire. Assault 3 is just amazing in a 200 points game. Sure, they've only got a toughness of 3, but they do get a 4+ invulnerable save. I would also add to that a bolt of Tzeentch upgrade to one model and I would certainly think about taking the Changeling upgrade. Both the instrument and the icon are not worth it here.

Screamers make for an interesting dilemma. They don't do much, apart from occasionally kill tanks and zoom around fast. They're not ideal in close combat, but with an unholy might upgrade, perhaps it could be fun. And they're not as expensive as flamers.

So, here are three Tzeentch daemons list:

List 1:
3 screamers, unholy might upgrade (53 points)
8 pink horrors, The Changeling (141 points)

List 2:
11 pink horrors, Bolt of Tzeentch (197 points)

List 3:
3 Flamers of Tzeentch (105 points)
5 pink horrors, with bolt of Tzeentch (95 points)

This last list might be good enough to take on some of the lists posted in this month's Army List Challenge as well.

Let me say again: assault 3, AP4 warpfire is just awesome in a 200 point kill team game.
Universal special rules ... probably tank hunting on the bolt; feel no pain on the changeling... not sure about the third choice.

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