Thursday, May 6, 2010

Apocalypse: The Careful Planning Asset and Daemons

One of the assets in Apocalypse is "Careful Planning". This asset enables armies to reserve everything and be confident that half of the reserves will show up on turn 1, the other half on turn 2.

Now, for daemon armies, this is obviously going to be half wasted. If you're not familiar with daemons, this is because the daemonic assault rule with which daemon armies come on to the battlefield already specify that half of them will appear on turn 1 regardless.

However, I think that in an apocalypse game, this asset would be very useful for daemons players who are keen to get stuck in at the earliest opportunities. It is not as game defining as other assets can be (Flank March, I'm looking at you) and can be readily interpreted in an on-going narrative, or when used in conjunction with a formation such as the Warp Rift.

Using this asset never really occurred to me until recently when I was playing a fun (friendly) game wherein we chose apocalypse assets, but used only a modest amount of points. I really suffered a lot of casualties with the orbital bombardments that whacked my early-arriving daemons that day...


eriochrome said...

An interesting thought for you. Careful planning allows you to bring in half your reserves turn 1 and the other half turn 2. Are daemon armies actually placed reserve at the start of the game after the first half arrives? You might make the claim that you get 1 random wave and then half the remainder. Do not no the exact wording.

You also should not use strategic assets unless you are using all the apoc rules for deployment and reserves since getting half your army each in 1 and 2 is a good improvement over half in 2 and the remainder in 3 but a huge advantage to random rolling in the normal rules.

jabberjabber said...

Post received via email:

This is more of a waste for demons. In a standard apocalypse game you army reserves would be.
Turn 1 - 50%
Turn 2 - 25%
Turn 3 - 25%

so you are spending a valuable asset to move the 25% deployment in Turn 3 to Turn 2. There are better assets out there for demons.

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