Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 2010 Army List Challenge

Welcome to the May 2010 Army List Challenge. This month's challenge is about a specific mission. And a kill team mission at that. Here's how it works.

Your kill team must move to the opponent's deployment zone (defined as 6 inches from the board edge) as best as they can. In doing so, they must stop the opposing kill team from doing the same. The winner will be the player with the most points worth of miniatures in the opposite deployment zone at the end of the game (note that the game is a random length). The points are counted on a by-miniature basis.

The dilemma is whether you choose lots of small, cheap critters in the hope that lots of them get to the other side?; or perhaps only a few strong miniatures that can weather lots of incoming fire to reach the opposite side?; or maybe some jet bikes to avoid the opponent completely and swoop in to the opposite deployment zone on turn 5, 6 or 7?; or maybe several rhinos to take your troops there; or perhaps use deep-strike and infiltrate to excess?; or just lots of firepower and counter-measures?; or maybe ignore the objective completely and aim to destroy the opposition and get an automatic win? Which tactic is best? Why?

The scenario will take place on a 4 x 4 board. The scenery on the board is part of the twist. The left hand side (as you look at it!) has a high density of buildings, ruin, and area terrain. Lots of cover saves and plenty of things to obscure the line of sight. The right hand side of the board is fairly open: barely a couple of scattered craters to run between, perhaps a low level wall, but otherwise very little to block the line of sight. Which side will be easier? Will you only choose troops for one side of the board? What will happen if your opponent optimises their army for the other side? Dilemmas abound...

(1) Design a 200 points kill team list from any codex to take on this mission. Your unit selection must follow the standard kill team rules (see Battle Missions for more details): 0-2 troops, 0-1 fast attack, 0-1 elites. Three of your miniatures may be given a universal special rule of your choice (e.g. infiltrate, etc.). Each miniature is considered their own, individual unit for the purpose of the game.
(2) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting and suggest why they're well suited to this mission.
(3) Entries close at 01:00 GMT on May 14th.
(4) On that same day, I'll open a poll for Warpstone Flux readers to judge which army list they consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(5) Winner will be tallied and announced on May 21st (and entered in to the hall of fame!).
(6) One entry per person please.

Remember that there are no prizes for these contests, beyond kudos, honour and entry in to the hall of fame.
Good Luck!!!


Heinz said...

don't know that i'll be submitting a list but this scenario is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

It is a pretty sweet scenario.

Kraggi said...

I use the Imperial Guard, and have always enjoyed the novels of Guants Ghosts and how they could take down pretty much anything that was thrown at them. So with that in mind (and the Gaunts Ghosts models in mind for some of these) here is my Kill Team:

Veteran Squad with All Doctrines (Forward Sentries, Grenadiers, Demolitions)

Sergeant Ansul: Power Sword, Feel No Pain
Heavy Weapons Team Tryel: Rocket Launcher, Relentless
Specialist Nomin: Sniper Rifle, Infiltrate
Specialist Gantro: Grenade Launcher
Specialist Saldor: Flamer
Specialist Greigor: Demolition Charge
Veteran Halshan
Veteran Dopila
Veteran Tsor

Every model in this list gets a 3+ cover save while in cover from their Camo Cloaks, they all have Frag, Krak and Defensive Grenades, in addtion to Meltabombs.

Carapace Armour means that they at least get a save against the basic weapons they will be facing in the game.

They have a good spread of weapons meaning they should be able to deal with most things people throw at them.

Only 1 of them has to stay in one place to do damange, and I think I can afford to have 1 man out of my 10 hanging back to harass the enemy.

I have never looked at doing a Kill Team list before but I kinda like this list, and look forward to seeing what everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

If demo charges are ten points, then it seems kind of cool. The only problem is how expensive each guardsman is (16 points before weapons); and despite all the kit they're still worse than the tactical marine, at the same price. Guardsmen are cheap and cheerful, if you want dudes to go toe to toe with boltguns, carry boltguns.

Kraggi said...

I appreciate that the list itself isnt going to be awesome when going toe to toe with Marines, but figure they shouldnt do too badly, I will just have to gang up on each Marine one at a time.

The Demo charge is part of the 30 points you spend for the Demolition Doctrine, which also gives Melta-bombs to all of the Veterans.

But no denying it they could stuggle against a Marine list. Ah well, too tempted to theme the list I think. I am looking forward to seeing the other lists though.

Anton said...

looks like this could be an intresting one, I'll dig out my copy of the battle missions book and see what I can do,

Tom said...

Following on from having watched my first game of kill team I've decided to have a bash at this.
200 points of Tau Stealth Suits would seem to fit the flavour of the mission, might not be very successful but hey ho!
Starting off with
Team Leader
Fusion Blaster, Targeting array, HW(Hard Wired)Blacksun Filter, HW Multitracker, HW Drone Controller, Shield Drone and Markerlight.
3 Stealth Suits all with Targetting array, as for the USR's
Team Leader gets Tank Hunter, with 2 of the normal guys getting Feel No Pain and Hit + Run.
I know I'm going to be making leadership tests as soon as I've taken a casualty but you'll have to get to me first and with the Stealth suits meaning you're using night fighting all the time plus the ability to Jump Shoot Jump models back out of line of sight it'll be more difficult than you think.

folkert said...

Forward Recon Teams Mavericks and Kill-Shot:

Scout Sentinel "Stalker", Autocannon 40 - Stealth
Scout Sentinel "Tread Hunter, Autocannon 40 - Tank Hunters
Scout Sentinel "Sucker-Punched", Autocannon 40

Ratling Sniper "Bulldog, 10 - relentless
7x Ratling sniper 70

Total: 200

Composed entirely of forward scout elements this was, IMO, a fluffy kill team list made for taking out their targets from concealed positions. so My choice will be the table half full of terrain, using scout and infiltrate to command the good sniping positions. the sentinels stalk the buildings and take out an mech or high toughness units out there. the ratlings focusing on the infantry systematically taking them out one at the time. the sentinels will also function as guardians for the ratlings as well as speedbumps. only bad thing about this list is it's low Ld. but having 11 models who almost all of them have an 3+ cover save will hopefully mitigate that.

If I had to face Kraggis list I'd focus on the rocket launcher first and then the grenade launcher and flamer and then demo charge. the sergeant will be left alone until there are no better targets, cause killing something with a 3+ cover save and FNP is a Pain in the Ass (which I will feel and he wont lol)

Hope you like it! :-D


Kraggi said...

hehe, I like both of these lists... not sure I want to face either of them... tho i might badge Tom to bring his Stealth suits to our local store for a shot at it.

Farmpunk said...

so I'm going with WH Celestians

1Multi-melta w/relentless, frags
1meltagun w/tank hunter, frags
2Bolters, frags
1Vet Superior w/bolt pistol, Eviscerator, Feel No Pain, Book of St. Lucius
Immolator w/twin-linked Hflamers

Immo gets us where we need to get, Relentless allows the Multi-Melta to always fire, FNP on the Superior makes her a CC meanie.
with relentless, I can move 12" in the immo, disembark 2", and fire 24" with the MM.
all Celestian hit on a 3+ in CC, so I should be able to tear stuff up.
finally, The Book of St. Lucius is to keep 'em at Ld9 all game.

folkert said...

@ farmpunk

Don't forget that all the models will become seperate units, so you'l only be able to transport one model with that immolator, so you just might want to adapt that list.


Farmpunk said...

oh man, I thought that meant they could all fire separately. They can't join to go somewhere together?

huh. I will reconsider. That makes transports pointless.

Farmpunk said...

in light of what Folkert pointed out (only one model can ride in a transport, I'd like to retract the Celestians, and use this instead:

Grey Knight Terminators
1Grey Knight Terminator w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Storm Bolter, Fleet of Foot
1Grey Knight Terminator w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Incinerator, Infiltrate
1Grey Knight Brother Captain w/Nemesis Force Weapon, Psycannon, Feel No Pain

small force, since these guys are pricey. It's a minimum squad, and taking a wound is bad for these guys, but at Ld10 Fearless they should be ok. Heading into cover will make them tough to get out. Since they're all in Terminator armor, they're all relentless, with Power weapons, have the option to Deepstrike, and have the Shrouding to help conceal them at long range (about 30") Their drawback is no Frag grenades for charging into cover.

The infiltrator will set up to burninate/charge if possible (AP2 is highest priority, followed by power weapons), with the Fleet Termie advancing quickly. The FNP Psycannon should be able to give any long range shooters fits, and maybe take down some light armor.

S6 Power weapons kill stuff dead.

These guys should be able to dish out, and take hits too.

TheGraveMind said...

well dang, I was hoping it was 1pm, cause I just got off work. eh, I'll catch it next month I guess. good luck everyone!

jabberjabber said...

sorry gravemind!

Kraggi said...

So in all honestly I have to say that rmpunks list scares me... it scares me sooo badly i dont want to even consider facing it.

Tom said...

I'd have to disagree - Farmpunks list doesn't scare me at all - too many ways for things to go wrong - starting with the possible deepstrike mishaps and the fact that rolling any one for your armour save means you are taking leadership tests straight away, possibly from the first turn.
The inability to deal with an Ironclad, (or indeed any armour 13), in any way and as he mentioned himself attacking into cover means you are striking last.
If it all goes right then he's walking away with things but you could say that for any list.
Don't get me wrong it's probably the fluffiest list out there, (I can just see 3 Grey Night Terminators flicking into existance to take out a particular target), but I've seen too many terminators fail saves against lasguns and laspistols to just rely on the 2+.

Farmpunk said...

actually, they don't have to deal with an Ironclad or any other armor for that matter. They can just avoid it.

it's kill team. They DS about 12" from the table edge, pick of a couple of guys, and get off the board.

if I'd wanted to be mean, I'd have run a BA Libby Dread. flying Dreadnaught? rawr.

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