Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Khorne Daemons Kill Team

I thought that this might be a tough one to think about. Khorne gets a choice between bloodletters, bloodcrushers, and flesh hounds. Fundamentally, they're going to struggle if a rhino shows up to the battle. I therefore think that bloodcrushers, and perhaps even the fury of Khorne upgrade, are going to be a necessity.

It is then a question of bloodletters or flesh hounds. Bloodletters have power weapons (ahem: hellblades), so they probably have the edge. But then again, the flesh hounds are quite rapid. And Karanak helps out there as well. They could even run a rhino down with a little luck.

Here's a few lists:
5 flesh hounds with Karanak (110 points)
2 blood crushers of Khorne with fury of Khorne (90 points)

1 blood crusher of Khorne with fury of Khorne (50 points)
9 bloodletters (144 points) (perhaps purchase an instrument upgrade as well?).

I actually like list 1 here despite the low number of models. I feel it could be themed well (Khorne on the hunt!) and effective.
As Rushputin @ Warpstone Pile suggests, Khorne's weaknesses are a lack of staying power and slowness. Hence special rules such as fleet, hit and run and feel no pain will help out the greatest.

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