Thursday, May 27, 2010

Putting Together a Fiend of Slaanesh - Not so Fiendish

Having completed my first metal fiend of Slaanesh, I thought I'd post a couple of words on its assembly. I'll comment separately on the painting aspect of this daemonic beast at a later point in time.

The first thing that I realized about fiends of Slaanesh is that they're not as painful as metal flamers or horrors of Tzeentch to put together. Nor are they quite as flimsy - I dropped this fiend a couple of times with no ill effect.

For the first time in a long time, I decided not to pin the metal parts to each other. Instead, I simply relied on the good old combination of super glue spread over a thin layer of green stuff. In concert, these two form a fast and quick bond between the joins. The only downside is that this approach tends to get fingers very glued up as well. Once the bond is in place (after some firm pushing), I then went around the edges of the join and wiped away and excess green stuff that leaked out from the join. On the miniature, there are a couple of obvious bits around the scruff of the neck of the fiend that can be seen to have had a little sculpting work as a result of this process. But the green stuff plus super glue process is not visible at all around the legs, arms or tail; much to my pleasure.

The only other thing that I will note about the metal fiend model is that the tail may have gotten bent out of shape (somehow) during transit. The tail can be gently bent to a new angle with a little bit of care and so long as one does not go beyond the stress limit of the metal. Additionally, you may notice that I've positioned the claw arms and head at slightly novel angles on the model -- this can be done readily with the green stuff joining method and sculpted to look natural without too much effort involved.

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