Sunday, May 30, 2010

Evaluating Spearhead Formations for Daemons

The Spearhead formations are now available for download from Games Workshop. Today, I wanted to take a quick look at which of these formations might or might not be any use for daemon armies. (I'll leave chaos space marines alone for now). So, in turn, let's have a look.

Armoured Spearhead: Daemons only have soul grinders, and they're walkers rather than tanks: hence this one is not applicable.

Ambush Spearhead: For 75 points, we could give our soul grinders stealth and infiltrate and set them up (assuming that the spearhead rules take precedent over daemonic assault???? - that's unclear to me at the moment). I'm a little on the fence about this one until I find out which rule takes precedent. Even if the Spearhead takes precedent, I'm still not sure I'd take it.

Mechanised Assault Spearhead: Not Applicable.

Tank Hunter Spearhead: Yes please! The soul grinders could really use this well. If there are 3 in the army, that works out at 20 points each for the tank hunter universal special rule.

Archeotech Spearhead: Cool artwork, but a little dangerous to be sure. But soul grinders will ignore shaken and stunned results which compensate for the danger somewhat. I probably won't be taking it, except in fun games where I'd be happy to blow up my own tanks ... I'll balance that viewpoint by pointing out that I run chaos dreadnoughts in my chaos marine armies ...

Outrider Spearhead: this would be useful in an army that has lots of tank options, but not really daemons. Can't see myself running it in a regular Spearhead game. Unless it's Apocalypse Spearhead.

Skyfall Spearhead: Not Applicable.

Monstrous Spearhead: This could be very good with daemon princes. Pity it cannot be taken for HQ selections. I would have liked +1 strength here, but furious charge makes up for that a little. If we have 3 Heavy Support choices of daemon princes, it works out at 20 points each - not bad. This is probably a taker for me in spearhead.

Mass Attack Spearhead: Strength 7 Krak grenades with preferred enemy Monsters - yes please. Especially given I tend to run plenty of troops in daemon armies. The re-group won't matter to daemons since they won't be running in the first place. But otherwise, all good.

Crusher Spearhead: Not Applicable.

Seek and Destroy Spearhead: Not Applicable.

Superheavy Spearhead: Here's a way to bring a superheavy to a (not-quite) standard game. Could be rather interesting!


Anton said...

personally I'm not convinced that when the spearhead rules were being written that they considered deamons, sure no problem for chaos marines, after all I get to finish converting my plague tower now ;)

John Lambshead said...

Spearhead by definition is designed for a clash of mechanised armies. Surely daemons are just plain out of it? Their whole 'ethos' doesn't fit.

jabberjabber said...

We could say similar things about tyranids :)
The challenge is how to adapt the rules to best fit.

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