Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chaos Terminator Conversion with Lightning Claws

To create a few unique models for a possible kill team, I had an idea about terminators. I think I'd like to field a small number of them in a kill team (or maybe even suicidal unit in a regular game?). This is the first of them. The miniature is a standard chaos space marine terminator, mounted on a scenic base sourced from the 40k basing kit. The arms are lightning claws from the chaos terminator lord kit. The head - the real bit of the conversion - is part of the chaos mutation sprue.

I've used the same bit from the mutation sprue a number of times before - but not as an arm as it was originally intended. Instead, I like to use this bit as a weird eyeless head. One example of this can be seen in my chaos raptor lord that I built many moons ago. The full article on the raptor lord that I've built can be found here. However, I've reproduced the image below just for reference as well. The conversion work was not very intense - for the terminator I simply filed the bit down so that it would adequately fit in to the terminator torso.

The raptor lord has a bit more dynamism than the chaos terminator, largely due to the wings and the flying pose. The terminator on the other hand looks like a cthulu like horror charging toward the next poor victim of its rage. But this is the sort of image that I like with this terminator - job done! Just some painting left to do now. I'm thinking Sons of Malice.


bsmoove said...

The Terminator looks really cool. Excellent, straight-forward conversion.

Also, I'm curious about the primer you've used. On my screen it looks almost pink?

jabberjabber said...

There's actually no primer on it .... the camera made it look like this against the dark green background.

hiveminion said...

Nice work on that Terminator, good to see the good old Chaos mutation sprue still finding great use!
Sons of Malice scheme would be awesome, would really complement the model I think.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Hiveminion - I'm slowly getting in to Sons of Malice more and more recently. I'm aiming to be able to field a kill team of them soon.

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