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Army List Challenge, April 2010: Linebreaker

Welcome to the April 2010 Army List Challenge: The Linebreaker Challenge.

Overview of the Challenge.
One of the unique missions in Battle Missions is the Linebreaker. The broad idea is that 3 baneblades are trying to get from one side of the board to the other side (short edge to short edge). The defending player has to stop this from happening.

For this month's army list challenge, you will take on the role of the defender and create a 1500 pt army list to stop the (apocalyptic) baneblade advance. The only catch is that you must reserve at least 1000 points of your army to begin with. The scenery will do little to impede the progress of the baneblades, but you can at least get a cover save. Chances are that they will reach the other side of the table in 6 turns. How will you go about stopping them?

For those of you without Apocalypse, the stats for the Baneblade can be found on GW's website: they have 3 structure points each (i.e. at least 3 penetrating or glancing hits each) to get through before you can get a result of vehicle wrecked or destroyed! Even a penetrating or glancing hit may not get rid of a structure point: you might just blow off the heavy bolters instead. In my experience, it takes over 8 penetrating shots to down these things (but hey, in this mission immobilization would be a good result as well). But there's three of these beasts to stop in this challenge! Please refer to the Battle Missions and Apocalypse rule book for full details.

(1) Design a 1500 points army list from any codex to take on this mission and stop the three baneblades.
(2) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting and suggest why they're well suited to this mission.
(3) Entries close at 01:00 GMT on April 14th.
(4) On that same day, I'll open a poll for Warpstone Flux readers to judge which army list they consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(5) Winner will be tallied and announced on April 21st (and entered in to the hall of fame!).
(6) One entry per person please.

Remember that there are no prizes for these contests, beyond kudos, honour and entry in to the hall of fame.
Good Luck!!!


TheGraveMind said...

"Dropping the Psychic Hammer"

Hive Tyrant- Bonesword and lashwhip, Scything talons, Hive commander

Hive Tyrant- Bonesword and lashwhip, Scything talons, Hive commander

Zoanthrope x3 in a spore pod

Zoanthrope x3 in a spore pod

Zoanthrope x2 in a spore pod

Gaunts x10

gaunts x10



Everything is held in reserves. The Hive commander ability will allow the reserves to come in quickly. The three squads of Zoanthropes will pod in in front of tanks. The pods will hopefully block the path slightly, even a tank shock will at least grant a Death or Glory attack. Unleashing the will of the Hive Mind the Zoanthropes should be able to get good results against these tanks, quickly dwindling their Structural points away.
The Trygons will come in and fleet up to the tanks, and harass their rear armor. This will hopefully minimize incoming fire, or slow the tanks as they attempt to return fire.

jabberjabber said...

That looks like one scary and formidable tyranid list!

suneokun said...

'The nutcracker suite'

2 HQ's with a plasma pistol and 4 meltaguns.
4 vets squads with 3 meltaguns and demolitions.
3x2 vendetta squads

Total: 1500

Vendettas flank at full throttle (with turbo boost benefit) and deposit 2 squads each behind each Baneblade.

Double Vets squads target 2 baneblades with 4 meltagun hits (6x66%) each at (90% penetrating) on rear armour, followed by 10 (20/2) meltabomb hits ... that's at least 14 penetrating hits each (which is an average of 4.66 wrecked/explodes results).

Combined Command Squad order 'bring it down' and drop a mere 7 melta hits and 2 plasma on the rear armour ... which could result in an explosion.

Odds are that's at least two of those behemoths down (ie AT LEAST immobilised with all its guns missing) with the remaining Baneblades struggling to choose between shooting the guardsmen or the Vendettas... either of which could finish them off...

GAME OVER MAN ... GAME OVER. It ain't pretty, but its war.

jabberjabber said...

Another very impressive list, Suneokun!

ricardogarciapajuelo said...

"Eldars have bigger toys"

HQ: Farseer + Guide + Spear. (x2)

Elites: 10 Fire Dragons in a Serpent (+Bright Lances and Spirit Stone).

Troops: 5 Dire Avenger.

Fast Attack: 7 Swooping Hawks + Exarch + Intercept.

Farseer should guide the Fire Dragons or thwe Swooping Hawks, both are great tank hunters (remember the swooping hawk bombs! ... I don't remember the name). Dire Avenger are just to make this list "legal"

Xzandrate said...

This will still use the super heavy damage chart? So we won't get the +1 penetration for AP1 right?

Chris said...

What better to crack armour than monstrous creatures?

Bloodthirster, Unholy Might (270)
Bloodthirster, Unholy Might (270)

5 Daemonettes (70)
5 Daemonettes (70)

Fast Attack
7 Screamers (112)
7 Screamers (112)
7 Screamers (112)

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince, Flight, Unholy Might (160)
Daemon Prince, Flight, Unholy Might (160)
Daemon Prince, Flight, Unholy Might (160)

Total: 1496

The Bloodthirsters are S8 and as monstrous creatures roll 2D6 for armounr penetration (and they can fly). The Daemon Princes are S6 with 2D6 armour pen and can fly. Add that into 21 screamers who move as jet bikes and are armed with melta bombs, plus 10 fleet daemonettes with rending claws (who have an outside chance of glancing AV12) I think this lot could crack 3 Baneblades in 6 turns. It'd mainly depend on how lucky you were with reserve rolls I suppose, but that's the nature of daemons.

Big D said...

Master of the Forge w. Combi Melta

3x Ironclad Dreadnoughts w. Chainfists in Drop Pods w. Locator Beacons
540 pts

3x Ironclad Dreadnoughts w. Chainfists in Drop Pods
510 pts

2x Scouts - Serg has Meltabombs and Combi-Melta
180 pts

2x Land Speeder with two Multi-Meltas
160 pts

This list should make fast work of the lumbering behemoths. On the first turn I will have everything on the table except for three Dreadnoughts in Drop Pods.

My non-drop pod units add up to less than 500 points and Drop Pod assault will see half of the pods arrive on turn one.

Since the pods won't suffer a mishap I will be able to drop them right up close to the Baneblades and open up with the melta guns -hopefully hitting rear or side armour.

The Scouts will be able to get a turn two charge thanks to infiltrate and the ladnspeeders will move into position to take shots at the rear of the bane blades with their two Multi Melta shots a turn.

The Master of the Forge will run up the field and engage whatever is closest. He should actually make it there since the Baneblades should be shooting at something else.

I armed the Dreadnoughts with Chainfists. Initiave wont matter and they will auto-glance on all hits and they only have to roll higher than a one on one dice to pen.

Dverning said...

2x Autarch w Fusion Gun 80ea
2x 10 Storm Guardians w 2 Fusion Guns, Warlock w Singing Spear 120ea
3x 10 Fire Dragons, Exarch Upgrade, Firepike, Tank Hunters 195 ea
5 Wave Serpents w Shuriken Catapults 100ea
Total: 1485

+2 to all rolls for coming in from Reserves.
Serpents provide the speed and durability to get into melta range and hit side/rear armour.
30 Tank Hunting meltaguns, 6 normal meltaguns and 2 Singing Spears. Need I say more? Okay, there's also 30 guys with meltabombs.
Really, I think the biggest problem would be how many of your own guys die in all the resultant Catastrophic explosions...

jabberjabber said...

@Xzandrate -- yes, superheavies use the appropriate damage table as per apocalypse games.

@ricardogarciapajuelo -- haywire grenades?

@Chris -- Nice daemons list! I think all of those invvulnerable saves will be very useful!

@Big D -- Cool master of the forge list; nicely themed!

@Dverning -- Three baneblades are certainly capable of causing a whole lot of damage during their turn.

Xzandrate said...

Well, I'm going to try the Lances to Skake a Stick At, Dark Eldar list.

2x 5 wyches, 2 blasters, haywires, Raider:Darklance, Screaming jets
3x 5 warriors, blaster, darklance, Raider:Darklance
2x 10 Warriors, 2 blasters, 2 darklances
3x 3 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 blasters
2x Ravager, 3 Darklances

That should give me 18 lance shots at 36" with an additional 17 within 12".

Screaming Jets on the wyches Raider mean they can deepstrike in, hopefully getting behind to shoot then assault in with grenades. The other skimmers will start empty with warriors trying to find cover.

All skimmers that get a shaken, or weapon destroyed will try and move fast for cover, and park in front of a baneblade. If it tries to ram, the skimmer 3+ should stop it.

jabberjabber said...

Wow - a dark eldar list! Nice :)

Random Guy said...

Wolf Lord w/Thunderwolf, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Runic Armour, Saga of the Bear (260)

5 Grey Hunters w/Meltagun (80)

5 Grey Hunters w/Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen (95)

Lone Wolf w/Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Storm Shield (85)

Lone Wolf w/Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Storm Shield (85)

Lone Wolf w/Terminator Armour, Chainfist, Storm Shield (85)

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/3x Storm Shield, 1x Thunder Hammer (270)

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/3x Storm Shield, 1x Thunder Hammer (270)

3 Thunderwolf Cavalry w/3x Storm Shield, 1x Thunder Hammer (270)

This is another all reserve list. I know that means turning up in dribs and drabs, but all of the important elements of the army has a 3++ and is either eternal warrior or immune to all but the demolisher cannons.
The nice thing about coming on from reserve is that the baneblade player has to make some important decisions. He can either hang back and shoot me from the back of the table, but in that case he may not have the time to get off the board before the game ends, or he can rush forwards and give me very little time to deal with them and hope.

Whatever I know that I won't have to worry about the threat of smoke launchers in my battle plan.

Random Guy

jabberjabber said...

The deep striking and fast moving thunder hammers look deadly! Nice Space Wolves list.

Anton said...

Well this is what I'd throw at those non-belivers emperor worshipping losers!

Chaos Lord:
Mark of Khorne - Termi armour chainfist
Chaos Sorcerer - jump pack, wind of chaos, personal icon, melta bombs

Chaos termis unit of 3, 2 champions with chainfist's, one normal with powerfist mark of khorne

5 plague marines 2 melta guns in a rhino
5 Plague marines 2 melta guns in a rhino

Obliterators 3
Obliterators 3
Obliterators 3

the plague guard would be dodging and weaving using cover towards the convoy readying there melta weapons and krak grenades with the sorcerer using them as cover,and of course wind of chaos glances on a 4+ so no worries!

The oblit's would deep strike using his icon and harrass the superheavies from afar, then the big man and his boys would make the guest appearance and the chainfists would goto work.

SandWyrm said...

Suneokun already stepped up for the IG, so I'll represent for the Tau. :)

I Hereby Present: The Tau Anti-Mech Strike Force, Code Name: "Irwin's Stingray"

118 Tau Commander (Shas-el) w/Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator
146 2 XV8 BodyGuards w/Twin-linked Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator

158 6 Fire Warriors w/EMP Grenades, Devilfish Troop Carrier
158 6 Fire Warriors w/EMP Grenades, Devilfish Troop Carrier

Fast Attack
130 2 Piranhas w/Fusion Blasters
130 2 Piranhas w/Fusion Blasters
176 8 Pathfinders w/Devilfish

Heavy Support
160 2 Broadside Battlesuits w/Advanced Stabilization Systems
160 2 Broadside Battlesuits w/Advanced Stabilization Systems
160 2 Broadside Battlesuits w/Advanced Stabilization Systems

1496 Total

That's 6 Twin-Linked, Str10, AP1 Railguns that will hit on 2's thanks to the pathfinders' markerlights. As well as 3 Deep-Striking twin-linked meltaguns with 4+ invulnerable saves and 4 more meltas mounted on fast skimmers. The EMP grenades carried by the Fire Warriors will cause an automatic glancing hit on a penetration role of 4 or 5 and an auto-penetrate on a 6.


The Pathfinders, 1 Fire Warrior Unit, and one Piranha squadron deploy on the table. With the Shas-el deep striking and everything else in reserve.

The Pathfinders deploy in cover with their Devilfish and the 1rst Piranha zooming forward to block one or more Baneblades and shoot off their meltas. The Broadsides will shoot immediately when they come on, hitting on 2's or 3's with re-rolls. The Other Fire Warrior unit and Piranha squadron will block and shoot. When the Fire Warriors get close enough, they'll attack with grenades.

The Shas-el's deep striking unit will get in as close as possible to the rear of the Baneblades and stick their twin-linked meltas up the nearest exhaust piple.

Using focused fire and blocking, it should be possible to drop or immobilize one Baneblade per turn after the reserves start showing up.

jabberjabber said...

Two more excellent lists - I like Anton's terminators and melta plague marines backed up by obliterators; and SandWyrm's Tau math-hammer and tactics are well thought through indeed.

Methinks the up-coming vote is going to be a close run thing.

suneokun said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
suneokun said...

Edit of the previous post.

Linebreaker allows 500 points on the board.

Command HQ and Vets squad deploys at 18" from Baneblade and then uses scout move to move alongside/behind baneblade.

Turn 1, defenders go first. Vets/command deploy and dish out 7 meltagun (reroll to hit/bring it down) and 10 autohitting meltabombs on baneblade 1. Turn 1 ... one down.

Vendettas relocate 6" to fire into rear/side armour of Baneblade 2 ... looking for a structure or weapon destroyed result (or maybe immobilised.

Bottom of turn 1... Baneblade Cannons kills vets (?) and a lascannon will take one Vendetta.

Turn 2: two more vendettas arrive on scout and turboboost in or move and deploy vets. Surviving vendetta can pick up surviving vets (if any) and repeat attack Turn 3. Lose another vendetta?

Turn 3: remaining vets arrive (potentially). 4 Vendettas swarm two remaining Baneblades with massed melta death.

Three more turns to practice...

Farmpunk said...

I said I'd come up with something, and here's Fire from the skies:
Blood Angels.

Librarian w/Jump pack (Blood Lance, Sword of Sanguinus) 125pts

Furioso Dreadnought w/Magna Grapple 140pts
Drop pod 35pts

Furioso Dreadnought w/Magna Grapple 140pts
Drop pod 35pts

Furioso Dreadnought w/Magna Grapple 140pts
Drop pod 35pts

Assault Squad w/meltagun 140pts
Sgt w/ Thunderhammer, Bolt pistol

Assault Squad w/meltagun 110pts
Sgt w/CCW, Bolt Pistol

Heavy Support:
Storm Raven Gunship 200pts
Twin-linked Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon, 4 Bloodstrike missiles

Storm Raven Gunship 200pts
Twin-linked Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon, 4 Bloodstrike missiles

Storm Raven Gunship 200pts
Twin-linked Multi-melta, Twin-linked Lascannon, 4 Bloodstrike missiles

baneblades go first.

plan is for two of the Dreads to Drop pod in on turn1 using a drop pod for LoS blocking terrain, as close to the rear of the center and a side Baneblade, then grapple hook and melta it.
Grapple hook only has a 1/6 chance to actually allow the dread to drag the Baneblade backwards to it, but man will it be awesome.

after that, the other dread pods in on turn 2 to work on the other Baneblade. I'm hoping the AV13 helps against some of the baneblade cannon shots.

the two dreads begin pounding away on the baneblades and melta/grapple them.

The Librarian joins the non-thunderhammer assault squad, and both of them use Descent of Angels to Deepstrike close to the backs of the Baneblades with fewest structure removed. meltaguns and Blood lance (Str8 4d6" Lance)to soften them up. Then charge each turn after.

The Storm Ravens should be able to pack a wallop when they deepstrike behind the Baneblades and unleash their 4 str8 ap1 rockets into rear armor.
twin-linked Multi-melta and lascannons for effect.

with everything being able to DeepStrike fairly close to the BaneBlades, I'm hoping not to take too many shots in return.

I should be able to take them all 3 down without much problem. just Boom-boom-boom.

I'm expecting to possibly loose a dread first turn.
depending on what comes from reserves, I shouldn't have a lot of problems with other stuff because of the good DeepStrike rules Blood Angles get.

I'll probably loose an assault squad as well. again, hoping that staying close to the Baneblades protects me from some cannon fire.

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