Monday, April 26, 2010

Imperial Ruins Project - IV. Painted Straight

The final step in creating the Imperial Ruins Straight section was to paint it up. In the previous part, I showed how I textured the surface of the ruins with some fine grit. This texturing makes it relatively easy to paint up.

All that was done was to basecoat the entire piece with a reasonably thick and even covering of black paint. Then I proceeded to drybrush the piece with a large and old paint brush in various tones of off white colours all over.
And the final result is illustrated above. You can see that I've toned the lower walkway with some brown dry-brushing -- largely an experiment to be suggestive of muddied boots running across the surface.

I think the final piece looks very much like a post-apocalyptic ruin - all that remains of a one glorious imperial structure. I'm tempted to purchase other bits of the imperial ruins range -- this one was very good! Thanks CNC for producing this range -- they're ideal for warhammer 40,000 games, and very cool looking.
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