Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll Open for the April 2010 Army List Challenge

There is a whopping total of 11 entries for the Warpstone Flux April 2010 Army List Challenge. The entrants and their chosen codex are summarised below:

TheGraveMind (Tyranids)
Suneokun (Imperial Guard)
Ricardogarciapajuelo (Eldar)
Chris (Daemons)
Big D (Space Marines)
Dverning (Eldar)
Xzandrate (Dark Eldar)
Random Guy (Space Wolves)
Anton (Chaos Marines)
SandWyrm (Tau)
FarmPunk (Blood Angels)

Note that only a single army list is from the same codex -- I'm already very impressed!

Rather than make this posting too large and highly un-wieldy by writing all of the entrant's army lists here, I will simply refer readers to the original posting for the entrant's army lists in order for you to make up your minds about which one of them is the most effective army list that also best articulates the theme.

This month, the theme was the Linebreaker challenge: how are the entrants going to stop 3 baneblades from reaching the other side of the board? Check out their army lists, and then vote in the poll on the right hand side. The vote will be tallied and the winner announced on April 21st. There are no prizes beyond honour, kudos and bragging rights. Good luck everyone!


DK said...

except the 2 Eldar?

jabberjabber said...

"Note that only a single army list is from the same codex" -- meaning the eldar are the lists from the same codex. Probably my bad way of wording this sentence.

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