Thursday, April 22, 2010

Do Chaos Space Marines Need Drop Pods?

The present chaos space marine codex does not have drop pods. Equally the previous space marine codex didn't either.

However, the current chaos space marine codex is a 4th edition codex. We have seen many developments in the rules of our game since then, such as the increased importance of characters who affect the whole army (e.g. Vulkan). So, do Chaos Space Marines need to be brought up to date with their imperial brothers? If so, what units and rules would a new codex need?

I think one of the first things that could be done is the introduction of a drop pod as a transport unit. I've never entirely understood why the traitors don't get them. They certainly had them at the battle for Terra when the traitor primarchs assaulted the Imperial palace. Did they use them all up in that one glorious but failed assault? And then never built, or perhaps forgot how to build, replacements? Doubtful given that a number of the traitor legions were not present (or under-represented) at that terminal battle and some tech-marines survived (in one form or another ... Iron Warriors and perhaps the Obliterator cults). And moreover, forge world has been producing the rather nice chaos dreadclaw assault pod for a little while now.

Okay, so that is only one thing in what I am sure will be a long list of things that a new chaos space marine codex may need to bring it bang up to date with its imperial cousins. I'm sure other people will have many more ideas. But I suspect that a new codex won't be making an appearance for a little while yet.


Anton said...

well I do agree that the CSM does need bringing up to date (as I do collect chaos so thats what all people want for there codex) but there are some armies out there that really need the 5th ed update,

Yes I would say that drop pods would be a welcome addation to the codex and for the people who like the fluff, I'm sure there has been enough successful raids on marine outposts/ships that they know how to make them or just stolen them ;)

But I've been thinking about running with the dreadclaws rules from forgeworld and see what happens, I'm not going to go out and splash the cash as they are really cool looking but the price is way too expensive at the moment, so its proxy time! lol

jabberjabber said...

@Anton, yes I agree that there are other armies who are in a more dire need of an update compared to our chaos marine armies. And you're right about the dreadclaw: very cool, but very pricey!

Old School Terminator said...

I think the drop pod isn't a bad idea at all. That would be all you need to fix the Chaos Dreadnought. He can stay crazy if I can pod him into somebodies face.

I would like them to keep most of the technology out of the CSM codex, but focus more on the power and corruption side of things. I think a good place to start would be the Chaos Lord article Goatboy wrote in his "Tweaking Chaos" articles a few weeks ago.

suneokun said...

Drop Pods are ok ... they would certainly give the CSM variety and a 'safe' way of deploying the marines.

Rumour mill (I've heard) is that the C:SM are going to being updated to the Chaos Legions codex. My guess (and its purely from my own head), is that the Legion book will mirror the Codex:SM book, with a couple of the more 'normal builds' like Black Legion or Huron's crowd. Subsequently, different Chaos Legions would be a great continuation for the 'mini-dexes' GW have churned out.

So we could expect a Deathguard, Worldeaters, Thousand Sons (Imagine the magics!) and Alpha Legion ... to join the Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Black templars, Dark Angels and Grey Knight mini-codeci.

These mini-codeci are super profitable and probably cost a third of the Dev of a big codex (with all the new models/releases/development etc) like Guard, Orks or Tyranids...

Just my thoughts.

jabberjabber said...

@Old School: Keeping the newer technology out and having different corruption options would be great!

@Suneokun: I've been dreaming of a Death Guard codex for a long time... :) I think many other people would love this to become reality as well, judging by the number of mono-god themed armies out there.

Big Jim said...

I concur wholeheartedly! In fact I agree so much that I will be adding them to the next update of my Soul Reapers mini-dex project.

I'm just going to replace the storm bolter with a TL'd bolter, and keep the option for the deathwind launcher.

I also agree with Old School, let the lackeys keep the new tech and make Chaos corruptly awesome.


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