Friday, April 9, 2010

Ruins of Osgiliath

An exciting pre-order release of the Ruins of Osgiliath is now available from Games Workshop. Although I do not collect Lord of the Rings too much, this is one of the LotR releases that I've been most excited about in a while (at least since the unique ring wraiths and the plastic winged Nazgul).

The ruins of Osgiliath scenery set is not too dissimilar to what can be made from Hirst Arts molds, but it is in plastic form. Much like the Imperial Sector ruin buildings, these can clearly be arranged in a number of ways to create unique scenery pieces for miniatures to run around in, and on. Unlike the 40k counterparts, these are clearly high fantasy ruins. Along with the two statues, this release should make for excellent use on any fantasy table top and would be applicable to 40k games played on a ruined world or a medieval world.


Anton said...

yea I seen these via the buy more stuff email that GW send me, and they look really nice, better than the original stuff that you got in the fellowship I think it was?

only problem being is that I've no need for scenery and I'm on a detox from making any ;)

jabberjabber said...

a scenery detox?! hehehe
Yes - they do look superior to the original scenery in the boxed set.

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