Friday, July 9, 2010

Mighty Empires: Woodland Tile Painting

This tile explores a grassy path established through a forested / woodland area that is otherwise devoid of other interesting features. For this tile, I wanted to try to experiment a little with different tones and hues of green to make the "path" through the woods a little more obvious than if I had simply painted the whole thing in a mono-green colour.
The painting consisted of dividing the tile up in to a number of distinct regions and going at them with a different colour (green) basecoat, washing or inking in different shades of green, or green plus black; followed by highlighting and drybrushing with a selection of lighter greens, with a tint of yellow or cream added for effect here and there.

Not only has the trodden path been picked out by attacking the tile with different hues, but I also feel that the trees on one side of the tile don't "feel" like the same species of trees on the other side of the tile. This was a little bit of an unexpected boon for me, and I'm pleased with the end result.

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