Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plague Marine Squad Number Two

All manner of exotica and conversion work is going on in this squad!

This squad is kitted out in the same fashion as the first one: it features a plague champion with power fist, a flamer, a melta gun and an icon.

Just to give a run down of the bits that were included, here's an approximate guess (left to right):
1) metal plague marine
2) plastic chaos marine, zombie bits, forge world shoulders
3) assorted chaos marine and space marine bits
4) forge world bits, green stuff work, metal back pack, marine power fist, and a real shell (more detail here)
5) zombie bits, space marine, chaos space marine and mutation sprue bits
6) zombie bits, green stuff, space marine and chaos space marine bits, plus forge world shoulders (I'm quite fond of this particular miniature -- the look in his eyes especially!)
7) chaos space marine bits with green stuff work.

My third (and last) core squad will be posted at a later date.


D'nyarak said...

wow! the squad looks great (nasty?)! I like how you created the Nurgle look without resorting to using Death Guard. I especially like your slug champion!

Papa JJ said...

Very cool squad, all of them are great but I think my favorites are the second and the fifth (counting left to right). I look forward to seeing what you've done for squad #3.

jabberjabber said...

Hi D'nyarak - Thanks! I have a soft spot for the slug champion simply due to the conversion work put in to him! The only draw back (in game) is that he is rather taller than his battle brothers and tend to get shot much more.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Papa JJ - I can see why you like them! Squad 3 is coming up in a week or so ... watch this space.

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